When you’re in business, you know all too well that nothing is cut and dried. It’s never as straightforward as you’d like it to be. And in a world where things change at the speed of the internet, your flexibility, industry knowledge, and business acumen are at a constant state of testing.

At Integration we understand the pressure to know it all. We’ve been there ourselves.  That’s why we developed a suite of services aimed at alleviating the burdens running a business inevitably places on its leaders. We know that despite the expectations of your employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers, you can’t be an expert at everything. And you shouldn’t be.

When it’s time to supplement the capabilities of your staff, Integration will stand next to you providing the solutions specific to your needs. Nothing more; nothing less.

Who We Are

Integration was founded to be a "one source" business solutions firm in the professional business services industry.

We are an Advisory & Consulting Firm who specialize in Organizational Development and Improvement. 

Our unique “Integrated Business Services” model provides business clients with a full suite of integrated business services and solutions which increase their profitability and success.

Our focus is on the entire business eco-system within an enterprise. We work with clients in any stage of their business life cycle: from start-up, capitalization, growth, acquisition, and sale.

We are industry agnostic, but specialize in technology, consumer products, manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences, financial, cleantech/energy, and non-profit industries.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, small & medium size enterprises, C-level executives, and investment firms.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to partner with our Clients acting as an extension of their Organization, while providing a suite of proactive Business Solutions that solve problems, create value, support growth, and improve performance
Our vision is to be a global leader in the business services industry through continual innovation in an ever-changing global business environment and global strategic partnerships.

Our Business Model

Our business model integrates multiple business solutions that provide clients with the confidence and convenience of working with one firm. These solutions focus on Strategy, Data Analytics, Performance, and People.   
We believe in a “complete” approach to Organizational Development that looks at “6 Key Operational Areas” that include: Management, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Finance, and Technology.

We believe our Approach links the Organization and Maximizes overall Profitability and Success. And by relying on a partnership with us, you avoid the cost, training, benefits, and liabilities of hiring an employee directly.

Company Information & Ownership

Integration Business Resource Group was incubated in 2011 and officially launched in 2014. It is a Florida Limited Liability Corporation located at 8130 Lakewod Main St. Suite 103. Lakewood Ranch, Florida, 34202. 

It was founded by its CEO Matthew Genot 

The executive management team consists of: Don Hache, Yves Baumgartner, Jeff Kondel, Nick Choat, and Kent Meisner. Additional team members include Teddy Matheu, Lee Jones, and Andrew Bartholomew.

Strategic Partners Network

Integration has a Strategic Partners Network comprised of hundreds of specialized professionals, business services companies, and investors.  
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Network Partner.